Author: Beth Nicholas

The Big Picture

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Address Downtown Dubai Hotel

Dubai’s award-winning luxury hotel suffered extensive damage when it caught fire on new years eve 2016, just before the fireworks display was set to start from the nearby Burj Khalifa. As part of its renovation, I was commissioned last year ... Read More... Uncategorised

Nix Nought Nothing album cover

 The Storm by Nix Nought NothingPersonal friend and talented musician, Nix Nought Nothing asked me to paint the cover for his new album "The Storm". Always having wanted to paint a cover for an album I jumped at the chance."Written and recorded in ... Read More... news

Artist in residence interview

Beth Nicholas is working in an Artist In Residents position in England and is allowing us to get an inside view of the role, and her part in it. I thinks it’s a great chance for us to all learn ... Read More... news