The journey so far...

These collections tell the story of Beth’s journey so far and provide a showcase for some of the styles and techniques that have gone into creating her current body of work.

Contact Beth direct if you want to discuss a commission for your own specific size requirements. If you would like to license a high res image of a specific piece please contact DACS (Design & Artists Copyright Society) and speak to Elizabeth Whalley who works on Beth’s behalf.

Art Collections


The images in this section illustrate Beth’s developed style. They represent the transition in her work from the early drawings featured in her first solo exhibitions to the work she is still developing today as she undertakes commissions from art consultants, interior designers and private clients throughout the world.

Flying High

These images represent the evolution of Beth’s signature style. Each one draws you in to a swirling world of light and shade – sometimes evocative of the oceans at other times reminiscent of the wonderful world of minerals beneath the earth’s surface. A glorious celebration of colour and abstraction which captivates the imagination. A variety of colour themes have been commissioned but Beth’s favourite colour blue still remains dominant.


The Wildlife collection was a progression from Beth’s original abstract work based around her research into the art of the Japanese aesthetic Wabi-Sabi. In these pieces she wanted to experiment with combining the abstract with the figurative. The start of this journey prepared the canvas for future experiments with inks and textures that have become the foundation of today’s collections.

The Fluidity of Time

Time waits for no one and this collection presented a link between Beth’s past studies and future direction. The narrative of time frames each piece of this semi biographical journey with emotive expression of the events and seasons that life can deliver.

Weathered by Time

Where it all began. Beth began to study the art of the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi – an acceptance of transience and imperfection and of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”. It appealed to her passion for the unusual as she saw the creative potential in exploring rotting clothes.

The start of this journey prepared the canvas for her future and experiments with inks and textures that have become the basis of her present collections.

Beginning Again

Life is full of surprises and this collection reflects those moments in time.

An array of visual spectacles that have become Beth’s signature images while including some free writing that featured in her earlier works.


These collections of images reveal the inspiration behind her works by studying the nature of decaying things. The connection between nature and materials is seen here as they once again collide through abandonment.

From leaves to materials the shapes and details create something compelling and beautiful.